The Gear S2, like Samsung, is evolving and changing, company says

The Gear S2 has become the darling of the smartwatch world, though the device is not without its critics. Samsung said in a recent interview that the Gear S2 is evolving and changing to meet the ever-growing needs of its consumers, becoming more attuned to customer needs over time.


The latest interview with Samsung User Experience Design Team VP Yoojin Hong tackles some deep questions about the Gear S2: everything from why Samsung chose a circular shape, to its Rotary UX design and rotating bezel, to the company’s own changes in order to best meet its customer desires. Finally, Samsung points out something that’s worth paying attention to: the Korean giant has the manpower and resources to craft every component of its devices, making a range of products as well as designing the hardware and software of the Gear S2 to give Samsung users a unique experience. The Gear S2′s rotating bezel and Rotary UX are two reasons we’d recommend the smartwatch over its predecessor.

Samsung has emerged in its position as the top Android OEM today by evolving and changing, with the company making improvements to Touchwiz by streamlining its software, eliminating its plastic build quality, and giving users more of a contemporary design in its Galaxy S6 series and Note 5. This year, the company improved upon nearly every area in which customers criticized Samsung’s 2015 devices to produce the finest devices the Android world has ever seen. As for the user experience with its latest smartwatch, Samsung has been steadily increasing the number of apps for its Tizen platform, providing replacement straps for Gear S2 customers, and giving non-Classic Gear S2 owners the ability to mix and match other 20mm wristbands with their wrist wearable. Finally, as a public sign of commitment to Samsung’s ability to evolve and change, the Korean giant has said that it is making strides to become more like a trendy startup rather than a traditionally boring corporation.