You can now play Pokemon GO with the Apple Watch

Do you want another way to play Pokemon GO? Well, you can now do it with your Apple Watch. Be the best trainer and have your footsteps also in check.


You can now catch ’em all with your Apple Watch, trainer! Yes, Apple is trying its best to go for Augmented Reality by tapping in to the most successful game yet, the Pokemon GO. Its inevitable debut to smartwatches has finally come but there’s some features that will not be present to the Apple Watch version of Pokemon GO. This includes lack of feature to actually catch a Pokemon. You will have to use your iPhone to do that.

Niantic’c CEO, JOhn Hanke confirmed the arrival of the mobile game to the Apple watch in Apple’s event. Pokémon GO for the Apple Watch is designed, as Project Manager Tatsuo Nomura said in his demo, to help you be “the very best.”

This mini version of Pokemon GO will let you monitor your daily walk or run, and check how many calories you are burning. Very clever merging of existing Apple Watch features with the Pokemon GO‘s overall design. As you walk or run, you can hatch a Pokémon egg and pass by PokéStops to stock up on supplies. Just be sure you’re quick enough to whip your iPhone out when an interesting Pokémon shows up on your smartwatch.

By the end of your Pokemon GO adventure, you will get a summary screen appears and it logs your total distance covered, calories burned, and items collected along the way.

Niantic, the maker of Pokemon GO, will also bring this nifty feature to Android Wear with the Pokemon GO Plus which will be released later this month.

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