Pocket-VR is a pocket-sized VR headset

Pocket-VR is like an upgraded Google Cardboard with sleek folding design that fits inside your pocket. It also comes with a Candy-shell case for your phone.


Virtual Reality need not be expensive to be enjoyed. In terms of games and apps, there’s a variety of choices on the Play Store for Android users. In terms of hardware, there’s the Google Cardboard which is hard to beat when it comes to price and usability. Although user assembled Google Cardboard is cheap and nice, it’s not entirely the most portable virtual reality headset or even a good looking one yet.

For consumers who want to try out virtual reality with a more sleek product, Pocket-VR is a great recommendation. This is a foldable VR headset that lays flat to be carried inside your pocket and costs a little less in comparison to the Samsung Gear VR. It enables quick access to your virtual reality apps and games for the Google Cardboard without the hassle of worrying if it breaks inside your bag.



  • It folds when not in use, protecting the lenses with the side body.
  • It’s made of quality and sturdy materials.
  • Google Cardboard compatible apps can be used with Pocket-VR.
  • Includes a Candy shell case for smartphone.


  • Only supports iPhone 6, 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Not entirely an enclosed headset to block out outside light from coming inside the lens.

Pocket-VR supported devices

Pocket-VR comes with an included case for the iPhone 6 or 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S7. This holds the phone steady in place when it is mounted on Pocket-VR.