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Virtual Reality Games

VR Games for all your existing virtual reality headsets. From cartoonish, to on point amazing titles you can enjoy while getting you hooked to the VR mania.

vr games banner

Sydney CBD Repair Centre’s List of PlayStation VR Games

If you already have your PlayStation VR setup, you have to consider the games on this list because they are so amazing for your PS VR experience.



Loving some rhythm games? How about in VR where you can literally move your entire body for a full workout, then you should try Audioshield.

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The Lab

The wonderful world of VR has never been so exciting and fun with this humorous Valve offering, The Lab. Try the full game for free. Yes, free. Go ahead.

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Tilt Brush

Artworks made out of 3D strokes, go inside the artwork that you create. It’s part sculpture, part sketch. It’s Tilt Brush. The best artwork game for VR.

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Fruit Ninja VR

If you loved the mobile version of this game, then this may be the time you hold on to a real sword. In Fruit Ninja VR, no more swiping, just slashing.

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Zombie Training Simulator

Shoot the zombies before they devour you? Sounds familiar, right? Now try it in VR with the Zombie Training Simulator. Let’s see how you do.

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Raw Data

The future with rogue robots.  This survival game is more than just shoot and dodge. Raw Data can be the carnage VR has been waiting for all these time.

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bigscreen beta

Bigscreen Beta

Bigscreen Beta makes you ditch your monitor for a more open experience in VR with your very own virtual TV. Give yourself a treat and get this free game.

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Waltz of the Wizard

Waltz of the Wizard is for the geeks and the magic fans of the world. Explore your tower and create potions and visit magical worlds in virtual reality.

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SydneyCBD Repair Centre have an HTC Vive free demo for repair customers. Visit us today.

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Job Simulator

Robots are taking over the world and humans are taken in “to job”. Job Simulator takes you to a chaotic but fun world of the workforce. Let’s play.

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nolimits 2

NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation

This game is just simply amazing when you think of true extreme VR experience. Ride a roller coaster and scream your heart out. Just don’t vomit.

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skeet vr target shooting

Skeet: VR Target Shooting

Nope. This is not the usual shooter game. Skeet: VR Target Shooting may well be the safest and most fun shooting simulation game you will every play ever.

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rec room

Rec Room

Do you want to play with other people in a game? In a VR game? Now you can with Rec Room. Be on a team and play many games with people online, in VR!

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hotdogs horseshoes and hand grenades

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Okay, you are a Call of Duty or Battlefield fan and you love VR. Want to train how to shoot some high powered firearms? Then this VR game is right for you.

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racket nx

Racket: NX

Racket: NX is so futuristic it’s like a mix of tennis and squash. It has exciting physics and ball movements it’s also like the Wii on virtual reality.

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trials on tatooine

Trials on Tatooine

A very short and sweet VR demo from the Star Wars franchise. Are you not sold yet? You get to use a light saber. Free from Steam so try it out.

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space pirate trainer 1

Space Pirate Trainer

Step into a space platform and defend yourself from attacking drones. Space Pirate Trainer makes your VR space adventure much more fun.

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SydneyCBD Repair Centre have an HTC Vive free demo for repair customers. Visit us today.

Try Free Demo


fantastic contraption

Fantastic Contraption

Create a contraption and propel it across islands with wide gaps using your own creativity. Fantastic Contraption lets you design & build so go try it out.

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the gallery

The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed

Want to live out the fantasy of being inside a mystery movie? Well enjoy the Episode 1 of the Gallery, the Call of the Starseed.

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pool nation vr

Pool Nation VR

No need to go to a real bar to play some pool. No more embarrassing moments if you don’t know how to play. Pool Nation VR let’s you practice in VR!

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Vertigo Demo

Vertigo Demo gives you a taste of the basic virtual reality excitement and fun as you explore alleyways and fight off drones along the way. Try it now.

Learn More

vr ping pong

VR Ping Pong

Be in an intense game of table tennis in VR Ping Pong. Make the best of your rally together and defeat that virtual opponent in hard mode!

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Yes, it is! Minecraft for virtual reality. We tested it with our HTC Vive and it is awesome. Come check it out in the shop or install it yourself.

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A bunch of games specially made for virtual reality, VRMultigames makes you experience a total treatment with various games that will leave you breathless.

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virtual desktop

Virtual Desktop

Want to have you desktop right in front of you in virtual reality? Virtual Desktop is just that. Have your monitor curved right before your virtual eyes.

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Onward is like Counter Strike for virtual reality only with more angst and cool factor married to cool coordination and strategy among players.

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SydneyCBD Repair Centre have an HTC Vive free demo for repair customers. Visit us today.

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