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Oculus Rift Setup Guide

This is Sydney CBD Repair Centre’s Oculus Rift Setup Guide. Making sure that installing your Rift would be as easy as can be. Prepare the PC and the kit then let’s get started.

oculus rift

Virtual reality headsets or any kind of VR headset needs proper installation for it to work effeciently and correctly. Same holds true with the Oculus Rift, one of world’s most advanced, full VR headset powered by a powerful PC. The Oculus Rift games are very diverse and will still grow in number as year passes by.

As a beginner or an enthusiast who would want to protect your precious investment, follow the guide in order to make it easy for you to setup and use your Oculus Rift in no time.

Know more about Oculus Rift!

Oculus Rift Page

Oculus Rift Kit

Get all necessary kit and devices

It goes without saying that in order to setup the Oculus Rift and use VR, you would need to have an Oculus Rift heaset together with what’s in this list.

  • Oculus Rift sensor – this looks like a microphone stand with sensors and cameras inside its head
  • Oculus Rift remote – this will act as your trackpad or mouse when you are already in any game or app. This adjusts the volume of your headphones, and do more stuff as well
  • Wireless Xbox One dongle and controller – since the Oculus Rift is still yet to release its own Touch controller, the supported Xbox One controller will do
  • A VR-ready PC – it should meet the minimum requirement to play the games or even just drive the headset’s demanding resolution
  • Wide playing area – it won’t be that wide but make sure that there will be no immediate stuff that will be tipped over once you start playing some VR games. Your limited vision will be a hazard if you don’t clear the playing area 
Oculus Rift Installer

Install software

Download the Oculus Rift setup installer into your PC for a thorough and detailed troubleshooting and manual in proceeding with each device to be plugged in.

Never attempt to plug in a device to a wrong port as it might damage both the Oculus Rift or the port where you plugged in the wrong connector.

Oculus Rift HDMI USB

Connect Headset and Sensor to PC

Plug in the HDMI connector to the HDMI port at the back of the PC. Plus the 2 USB 3.0 headers to the blue ports on the PC. See to it that they are plugged at the back ports and not the front USB 3.0 ports for the right voltage delivered to the headset and sensor.

Oculus Rift Remote

Configure remote

Setup the Oculus Rift remote by pulling up the tab located at the back of the device. Then press the center button to pair the remote to the headset and the sensor. The disc around the center button acts a trackpad for the user to be able to select options within the virtual reality world.

Oculus Rift Xbox Controller

Configure xbox one controller

Connect USB dongle of the Xbox One controller to either a 2.0 or 3.0 USB port. This will communicate with the Xbox One controller for games that would require one. After that, pair the controller to the dongle.

Oculus Rift Sensor

Setup the sensor

Fill in some personal info like your height in the setup interface in your PC. This sets the parameters of the sensor’s vertical limit.

Position the sensor such that the glass part is facing you. The cylinder should be facing you with unobstructive view in order for the tracking to stay consistent and accurate. Confirm sensor tracking by moving the headset across the sensor. If the sensor detects the headset then pairing was successful.

Oculus Rift Headset Shoot

Fit the headset

This comes as subjective because the headset should conform to the size and shape of your face. So tighten or loosen the headset to whichever makes you more comfortable to use the headset. Adjust the lens slider to make the lens positioned where your eyesight have the best focus.

Oculus Rift Play Area

Prepare room space

The ideal space would be wide enough for you to stretch out your arms and you would still have room to spare. Avoid using crowded area or passageways in your house to avoid tipping over some wire connectors of the Oculus Rift.

Your living room would be nice but a small office could also be used. Just make sure the playing area is clear of hazardous items which may cause injury or damage when you have your headset on.

What is Oculus Rift?

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Oculus Rift FAQs

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