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Virtual Reality News

Virtual reality news and updates brought to you by Sydney CBD Repair Centre. Know the latest development in the field of VR technology and its impact to our daily lives.


The Pico Neo is a mobile VR headset that doesn’t need a smartphone

Yes, it’s like the Samsung Gear VR only lighter in weight and comes in vibrant orange. The Pico Neo is truly standalone.

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Google Daydream View featured in a Verizon ad

It seems like Google has finally managed to make the Google Daydream View a very appealing product in conjunction to the Pixel. Now, it’s in an ad too.

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The Synesthesia Suit will make your body feel VR

If you think that VR is not yet fully immersive, then you can stop thinking that way because the Synesthesia Suit can now fully immerse your body in VR.

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2017 Asia VR & AR Fair will be joined by major VR companies

Imagine Microsoft, Oculus, HTC and the rest of the VR industry joining together in one giant event next year. Are you joining as well? It’s gonna be fun.

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Google Daydream VR headsets out by November 10

If you have a Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL, then this news would be a good one for you. By November 10, the Google Daydream VR will be out for sale.

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NextVR: You can now watch 25 NBA games in VR

Have you got a Samsung Gear VR and NBA League Pass? Well you can now watch NBA games in virtual reality. All 25 games will be streamed live.

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PlayStation VR is more searched online than Vive and Rift

PlayStation VR got more search queries on Google than the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Maybe because it’s the new thing for now? Read on.

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How do I clean my PlayStation VR lenses?

Here’s a simple trick to protect the vital component of your PlayStation VR headset: the lenses. It can be expensive to replace so follow this tip.

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Finch’s clever VR controller for Gear VR and Daydream

If you think virtual reality hand controllers couldn’t be sleeker and more immersive, Finch just had a clever idea on how to do just those.

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NASA says VR will be a standard tool after 10 years

Just like CAD changed the way NASA designed things, Virtual Reality will soon become a standard tool in training astronauts for space missions.

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Enjoy VR Free Play during this year’s Pax Australia

For the very first time, virtual reality is featured in a major event like the Pax Australia 2016. Are you ready to try them all out?

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Australia’s PlayStation VR stocks is sold out

If you want to have the greatest PlayStation VR and just barge into a store expecting to get one right now, you’re out of luck. It’s out of stock.

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VR Games: Raw Data gets huge expansion updates

Raw Data is a huge success as a VR game for the HTC Vive. Will these new weapons, abilities and missions refresh the game and attract more players?

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Valve is showing their own VR controller prototypes

Okay, the big guns are already game for VR with recent news of Valve actually making their own VR controller for some triple-A PC VR games. Alright…

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VR market will be worth $50 billion by 2021

It seems that the now so young and prospering virtual reality industry is bound to succeed and grow in not so distant future, report says.

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PlayStation VR tracking problems due to light issues

Sony have been receiving feedback that there are some issues with the PS VR tracking. Their solution? Maybe you could just turn the lights off.

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Tilt Brush is overall winner in 2016 Proto Awards

This game made by Google is this year’s overall virtual reality overall winner with it’s immersive and unique sandbox concept that people of all age enjoys.

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Gear VR used in 400 apps in 150 countries

This is according to Head of Mobile at Oculus. Samsung Gear VR is apparently used in five major languages: English, French, German, Korean, Spanish.

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Oculus finally announced Touch Controllers  for the Rift

Together with the announcement of the much anticipated Touch Controllers, Oculus just lowered PC requirements to play with the Rift. Now that’s good news.

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Things you may ask about PlayStation VR

Wanna get a PlayStation VR for your PlayStation 4? Well, here’s a FAQs compilation so you won’t be in the dark before buying the new VR headset.

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Get to know Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Tango

Want a great smartphone with something genuinely new to offer? How about a smartphone with Tango natively supported? Here’s what Lenovo have for you.

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Watch how Neos do world building in VR

Tomáš ‘Frooxius’ Mariančík is planning to make a collaborative virtual reality app that lets multiple users create worlds in VR. This is very promising.

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Win an HTC Vive by submitting the perfect accessory design

Want to have your own HTC Vive? Then submit your very own accessory design and you might just win a headset.

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The best VR PC you can carry with a suitcase

Okay, there’s a VR PC that looks like a backpack. But this one’s a full desktop PC from Acer with an awesome suitcase. You definitely want to see this.

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Oculus Touch starts pre-orders in UK for £190

It seems that Britain will have the first idea of how much a pair of Oculus Touch controller would cost. GAME store even offers pre-orders.

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PlayStation VR accessories now on sale

PlayStation VR pre-orders are getting short even now. Accessories for the headset is even more so. Is virtual reality the new thing that will stay?

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Fove’s Eye Tracking VR headset is on pre-order

The  Fove 0 is probably gonna be a game changer for the virtual reality industry with its built in eye tracking feature. Read on to know if it’s worth pre-ordering.

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Oculus Rift’s getting the Guardian, its own boundary system

Is this a sign of Oculus Rift catching up with the already established HTC Vive hardware and software platform? The Guardian seems to have good potential.

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Meet MSI VR One: a Virtual Reality Backpack PC

Hate lugging around your desktop setup to play with your HTC Vive someplace else? MSI’s VR One may help you with its new VR Backpack PC. It’s so powerful.

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Pocket-VR is a pocket-sized VR headset

Pocket-VR is like an upgraded Google Cardboard with sleek folding design that fits inside your pocket. It also comes with a Candy-shell case for your phone.

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VirtualGrasp makes VR hand animations convincingly real

Ever wonder when your virtual reality hands will even mimic your real hand motion and grip? VirtualGrasp is trying to hack into your games and make it real.

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3 Amazing Virtual Reality Artworks in VR

Tilt Brush is a virtual reality app for the HTC Vive which creates works of art with 3D brush strokes and awesome effects. Let’s see how artists do with it.

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oculus touch controller delays fi

Oculus explains on Touch Controller Delays

Ever wonder why Oculus still does not have their Touch controllers to compete with the HTC Vive? Here’s why according to Oculus themselves.

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best buy vr demo fi

Best Buy will sell VR headsets with free demo

If you’re one of those people with a great curiosity when it comes to VR or virtual reality technology, then you got to try it to love it. At Best Buy.

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atlas bay fi

Atlas Bay and Real Estate Marketing in VR

Virtual Reality meets real estate marketing and makes a very promising prospect in selling apartments and houses. This is how Atlas Bay is planning to face the future.

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vroom fi

Let’s go Car Shopping in VR

Would you want to look at more cars in just minutes while still getting that complete car shopping experience? Let’s try virtual reality then.

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dexmo fi

Dexmo lets you touch and feel the virtual world

You got perfect vision and surround sound of the virtual world, but can you touch and feel it? Here’s Dexmo to help you with that. A robot worth to look at.

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drive clup psvr gameplay fi

PlayStation VR’s awesome Drive Club VR gameplay

It’s just a matter of time before PlayStation VR ultimately own the gaming for virtual reality. This New Drive Club VR gameplay is proof that the headset and platform is ready.

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new oculus touch fi

Oculus Touch now has Longer Range, Better Tracking

That’s how Oculus is describing its new Oculus Touch controllers. It is even touted to be the final iteration of its very own design. Wanna try it out?

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oculus rift sales fi

Oculus Rift Finally on sale in Europe and Canada

Technically, the Oculus Rift have been on sale for some time now. Online stores, that is. This time it’s the real stores that gets to give people the Rift they want.

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windows holographic shell fi

Microsoft’s cool Holographic Shell for 2017

Microsoft won’t stop with its Hololens for enterprise use but it will continue even further as to make each Windows users be enclosed in a Holographic Shell.

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lenovo vr pc fi

Lenovo Launches All-In-One VR-Ready PC

Lenovo is already in the Virtual Reality band wagon with its latest high end AIO vr-ready PC. All-In-One PC for VR. Is it good? Let’s find out.

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desktop grade gpu for laptops fi

Desktop GPUs for VR Laptops

The advent of virtual reality brought many challenges both to software developers and hardware manufacturers. Apparently, there’s a solution to this: powerful GPUs.

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intel project alloy fi

Intel’s Project Alloy Launch

Intel just announced the release of its new virtual reality platform and headset that looks more like the Playstation VR. Is this gonna change everything?

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