Express your love for Putin with a custom-made Galaxy S7 featuring his portrait

Russian president Vladimir Putin has made quite a reputation for himself as the undisputed leader of one of the most powerful countries on this planet. It goes without saying that there are many who are devoted followers of this man and perhaps when those people are out to buy a smartphone, they might pick one up that has Putin’s portrait on the back. Lucky for them there’s a company that sells custom-made Galaxy S7 complete with the president’s portrait.

There isn’t any shortage of companies that perform after-market customization on smartphones. We’ve seen countless companies dip smartphones in gold and bling them out with diamonds and what not. Caviar is one such company and it’s selling the Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino for $27,000, this handset has a portrait of the Russian president on the back and is adorned with 190 ruby stones. It’s only going to make three of these handsets so you can rest assured that $27,000 gets you some exclusivity as well.

If you’re not an oligarch but someone with moderate wealth and an affection for Putin, perhaps you might like Caviar’s Samsung Supremo Putin handsets which also feature his portrait and are available for $2,600 in yellow gold and $2,400 in white gold. This isn’t the most subtle of ways to declare your love for Putin, but as they say, different strokes for different folks.