❤ Google rumored to continue five color case lineup for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

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According to a new rumor today, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will both get five case colors each in a continuation of the trend introduced by the Pixel 7a.

SnoopyTech shared the following lineup this morning on Reddit (the account appears to have been removed from Twitter):

  • Pixel 8: Carbon – Haze – Jade – Peony – Real Red
  • Pixel 8 Pro: Carbon – Jade – Porcelain – Real Red – Sky

Carbon should be black or gray, while Jade (green) and Real Red (coral) are shared between both sizes. Haze on the Pixel 8 could be a light blue, while Peony sounds like a pink. Porcelain should be something light, while Sky is likely blue on the Pixel 8 Pro.



Google Pixel 7 case vs Google Pixel 7a case



Google’s previous high was four with the Pixel 6 Pro before going back to three apiece last year. With the Pixel 8 case colors out of the way, the big question is whether Google is going for soft-touch silicone — like the 7a, Fold, and Tablet — or a harder plastic again. The trend is certainly toward the former.

Pixel 8 Pro leaks in live images





Following renders in March and the short video in the temperature sensor leak this May, we now have an even better “in hand” look at the Pixel 8 Pro.

Somebody on Reddit (via Droid-Life) shared a Pixel 8 Pro prototype yesterday, as evidenced by the identifying pattern in place of the “G” logo. They apparently got it “from the device team in Google for testing.”

The bootloader screen confirms the “husky” code name and “ripcurrent” bootloader, while there’s a “Zuma” sticker, which is the Tensor G3 code name, on the back. Other specs on this particular unit include 12GB Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB SKHynix storage.







We see the increased corner radius in this leak, while the Pixel 8 Pro camera is what really stands out. The unified pill housing all three cameras takes up more of the bar compared to last year. It certainly looks taller with less space to the edge of the bar. The microphone cutout is in-between the first and second cameras, with other sensors below it. You then see the flash and IR temperature sensor.

The image of the front screen shows the Pixel 8 Pro in a case, but we do see the flat screen.





Pixel 8 Pro will apparently still start at 128GB of storage as 256GB becomes the norm





The Google Pixel 8 series is just a couple of months away from its debut, and a new leak is now detailing storage options and more.

WinFuture reports that Google Pixel 8 Pro will offer three total storage options, starting at 128GB. Beyond that buyers could select from 256GB and 512GB options.

That’s unchanged from last year’s Pixel 7 series and the Pixel 6 before it, but it comes at a notable time. Over the past year, more and more flagship devices have moved over to 256GB as the minimum storage tier. Samsung’s Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra, the OnePlus 11, and many others have made the switch, often for the same price as the previous 128GB models. Of course, a big part of that is the new UFS 4.0 storage class supported with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which currently isn’t widely available in 128GB sizes. The Pixel 8 series would be powered by Tensor G3, which does reportedly support that newer storage option, but it seems Google may not be using it fully. Samsung also uses UFS 3.1 on the base Galaxy S23 to offer a lower-cost 128GB model.

Notably, a previous Pixel 8 Pro leak showed 128GB of storage on that device.

Whether or not this lower storage offering comes as a problem is unclear, but it certainly makes the Pixel stick out. With rumored price increases, too, it only makes the gap between Google’s device and competitors smaller.

Beyond that, this latest report also reiterates color options, with “Licorice,” “Porcelain,” and “Sky” on the Pixel 8 Pro, and “Licorice,” “Peony,” and “Haze” on the regular Pixel 8.