❤ Google, the search company, finally adds a search bar to Google Pay’s rewards tab



The new Google Pay app brought with it a lot of annoying design changes and UI quirks, and slowly they’ve been quietly fixed. Now, Google Pay has finally added a sorely needed search bar for sifting through rewards and offers.

Google Pay’s rewards and offers tab is full of cashback offers, boosted rewards for referrals, and more – Google even occasionally runs events that can offer various other monetary rewards.

In one of Pay’s latest updates, though, Google has finally gotten around to adding a search bar to the rewards tab. This means users can easily search through the various offers and cashback rewards in the Pay app without scrolling endlessly for a few minutes. Prior to this change, the only way to find a specific reward or offer in the app was to either scroll until you finally found it, or just hope that Google happened to feature it in the top grid.

This change is genuinely useful, as now those looking to buy a product can check Google Pay to see if there’s some sort of offer available for that retailer.





It’s almost crazy to think that Google didn’t previously offer a search bar in the Pay app given, well, the company’s entire success story is built around having an extremely popular search engine. It wouldn’t be the first time a Google product lacked a search bar, though, as Google Stadia lacked the feature for the better part of two years.