❤ How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitter for iPhone and iPad

Twitter for iOS offers a “Dark Mode” setting that shifts the apps appearance to a darker color spectrum of grays, blues, and blacks, making it easier on the eyes at night or in dimmer lighting situations.

Of course some users may just prefer the Twitter app appearance when in dark mode or night mode too, since it looks a bit more sleek on an iPhone or iPad.

Whatever the reason, you can enable Dark Mode in Twitter app for iPhone and iPad rather easily.

You’ll obviously need to have Twitter and be a twitter user for this to be relevant, if you’re not one or don’t intend to be, then this will not apply to you. But for those who do use Twitter to follow the latest tweets, read on.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitter for iOS

  • Open the Twitter app, tap the Home button, then tap on your profile avatar in the upper corner so that you can access the Settings
  • Tap on “Settings and privacy”
  • Tap on “Display and sound”
  • Find the “Night mode” toggle and switch to the ON position

  • Exit out of Twitter settings and use the app as usual

Night Mode enables immediately and the entire app color spectrum basically inverts from a bright whites and grays to dark grays, blues, and blacks. The visual difference is notable, and it’s certainly more pleasant on the eyes in dim lighting situations.

Increasingly, many apps are allowing a “Dark Mode” or a “Night Mode”, and by no means is Twitter alone. iBooks for iOS has a Night Theme, Safari Reader mode on iOS can be customized to be a Dark Mode (and Safari Reader for Mac can change appearance too), YouTube has a dark mode, iOS sort of has one with Smart Invert, and even Mac OS has a Dark Mode though it only applies to menu bars and the Dock and does not turn the overall windowing UI darker.

If you like apps having a darker appearance, these are all good options to explore and potentially enable, in addition to using features like Night Shift for iOS and Night Shift for Mac OS, which also make nighttime and limited lighting screen viewing a bit easier on the eyes too.