❤ How to Export Health Data from iPhone

How to Export Health Data on iPhone



The data contained within Health app on iPhone can be saved and exported for other uses. Perhaps you want to export Health app data to use in another health or fitness app, importing it to elsewhere, or maybe you want to use the raw Health data for your own purposes.

Exporting Health data from iPhone results in a zip archive that contains the raw data as gathered by Health app in XML format. This exported Health data will include any data stored or gathered by the Health app and any associated devices, including any Medical ID data, the native iPhone step counter and distance tracker, any data from an Apple Watch, and any data gathered from any third party devices that are syncing to Health app, like a smart scale or blood pressure monitor. Read no to learn how to export Health data from iPhone.

How to Export Health Data from iPhone

  • Open the Health app on iPhone


Health app icon



  • Tap on your profile icon in the corner, it looks like a human head silhouette



How to export Health data from iPhone



  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Health profile and tap on “Export Health Data”


How to export Health data from iPhone



  • Tap on “Export” to confirm that you want to export Health data and start the exporting process, it may take a bit to complete


How to export Health data from iPhone



  • Choose the method of how you want to save or share the exported Health data: Messages, Mail, Notes, Files app, or any other *


How to export Health data from iPhone



  • Optionally, extract the exported Health data from the resulting “export.zip” file


As mentioned before, the exported Health app data arrives as a zip file containing XML files. Thus if you want to dig around in the Health data or just it for something else, you’ll probably want to extract and unzip the archive and access the raw XML files for your own purposes. Some third party health and fitness oriented apps and services can import the Health data directly from the zip archive, however.



Apple Health app data in XML extracted and exported from Health app



* Perhaps the simplest way to gain access to the raw Health app data is either to message or email it to yourself, or to use “Save to Files” and then access the data from iCloud Drive on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

You can also delete Health data from iPhone if you don’t want any of the stored health and fitness information to be stored on the device.