❤ How to Reset AirPods

How to reset AirPods to factory default settings



Resetting AirPods returns AirPods to factory default settings, this procedure can be helpful for troubleshooting various problems with AirPods, but it can also be necessary if you plan on giving used AirPods to someone else, or even to sync and connect the AirPods to another compatible device. Essentially this will be resetting AirPods to factory settings, as if they were brand new.

Some common reasons to reset AirPods for troubleshooting reasons are if the airPods are suddenly not showing up as available, if the AirPods case is not charging the AirPods out of the blue, if there are curious battery issues with the AirPods, amongst other issues that could be experienced. Usually a quick reset to factory settings fixes these type of AirPods issues quickly.

How to Reset AirPods

  1. Make sure the AirPods and the charging case all have a battery charge available
  2. Place both AirPods into the charging case if you haven’t done so already, close the lid for 15 seconds
  3. Open the lid of the AirPods case, keeping the AirPods secured in place
  4. Turn the AirPods Case around and look for the small button on the back, press and hold the case button until the light flashes orange a few times, and then flashes white – this indicates the AirPods have been reset

Now that the AirPods have been reset, if you open the AirPods case near an iPhone or iPad, the the setup for AirPods process will begin automatically again.



Connecting AirPods to iPhone again



If you are still experiencing issues with the AirPods, the first thing you should do is charge the AirPods longer in their case, aim for at least 20 minutes or longer of charging. Then you can also try to select them from the iPhone or iPad Settings app and either forget the Bluetooth device or even disconnect the Bluetooth device from iOS and then start the AirPods reset process over again.

It can also be a good idea to check for and update AirPods firmware software if there are updates available.






Resetting devices to factory defaults can be a common troubleshooting approach to figuring out and resolving a variety of software issues, and not just for AirPods. You can also reset iPhone to factory settings, reset and erase iPad and iPad Pro, reset Mac to factory settings, and even reset Windows 10 to factory default settings too. For resetting AirPods to factory settings there is no concern for data loss, whereas for resetting other devices it is important to have a backup available before you reset the device, otherwise you may permanently lose data from an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC.