How to Stop Autocorrect “i” to “A [?]” on iPhone and iPad

i autocorrect to A square bug in iOS



Have you been trying to type “i” but it’s replacing itself with “A [?]” constantly on your iPhone or iPad? This is because iOS 11.1 introduced a curious bug for many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users that causes the letter “i” to autocorrect to the letter “A” usually followed by a square symbol with a question mark in it, looking something like this: “A [?]”

Apple is aware of this curious bug and will apparently offer a bug fix software update to resolve the problem. But in the meantime, Apple also offers a workaround solution using the text replacement feature of iOS.


How to Stop the “i” Autocorrect “A [?]” Bug in iOS 11.1

    1. Open the “Settings” app and go to “General” then to “Keyboard”
    2. Choose “Text Replacement”
    3. Tap the “+” Plus button in the corner
    4. Under “Phrase” type an upper-case “I”
    5. For “Shortcut” type a lower case “i”
    6. Choose “Save” and exit out of Settings

Fix iOS autocorrect bug i to A



Now when you type “i” it should actually type “i” rather than the A box character curiosity.

This solution, which is very much a workaround, is what Apple suggests as a fix for the problem until a future software update resolves the bug.

This is a strange bug and it does not impact every iPhone or iPad user with the iOS 11.1 release. Nonetheless we can expect a software update to fix the problem fairly shortly, perhaps as a small update like iOS 11.1.1 or similar.

If you’re impacted by this bug, use the text replacement workaround for the time being, and be sure to update your iOS version when a new release comes out.