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iPhone Tips: Don’t use solvents to clean your iPhone screen

Can you use alcohol in cleaning your iPhone screen? If it is mild alcohol used for home use, then yes. Just avoid strong solvents and cleaners. Here’s why.

Have you wiped your iPhone screen and used some strong liquids to do a thorough clean? If you’ve made damages to it, you’ve learned that it’s not advisable. If you haven’t tried this, don’t do it.


Strong alcohol, detergent, soaps, solvents and other extreme cleaning agents should in no way touch your iPhone screen. It can seep through the side openings and home buttons which will definitely make contact with the internals. Worst case scenario can be the display showing burning effect due to the melted coating on the digitizer

What is the proper way to clean your iPhone?

  1. Unplug iPhone from any external power sources or cable accessories, and turn it off (hold the button on the top and wipe the screen to power off.)

  2. Use soft, dry, lint-free cloth and wipe the screen gently.

  3. If there’s some stains hard to wipe off, you can put some drop of water onto the cloth, squeeze it out, and use the dampened cloth to clean. Don’t use household cleaners or sprays to clean the iPhone, such as alcohol, window cleaner, etc. And don’t get moisture into any openings.

  4. Take the soft, lint-free cloth with you and clean the iPhone as soon as it got stains.

What should you do if liquid already made its way into your iPhone?

If this happened, seek professional help. This kind of damage is not covered by Apple Care so an iPhone screen replacement from third party repair shops is recommended. This has to be done to the screen because damages can be irreversible and will only worsen if not replaced.


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