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iPhone Tips: How to fix an iPhone with “No Service”

After inserting your SIM card into your iPhone then you find that your signal bars are still saying “No Service”. Calm down, here’s some fix to that.

Are you perplexed by this? You have your carrier’s SIM card but it doesn’t detect any signal for you to make calls or send SMS. Worse is you can’t access your data plans if you have any. Fortunately, it is easy to troubleshoot granted that you have an active account from your carrier.

How to bring back service to your iPhone

  • Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. Bugs and other software errors may arise from old operating system with new carrier SIM cards so having a new version of iOS can help.

  • Toggle Airplane mode On and Off. Turning this feature on and off may refresh settings which can fix the problem.

  • Try turning iPhone off and then on again. This one is a classic. At times, newly installed apps can be in conflict with the operating system. To clear cache and memory, a restart is not that bad.

  • Check for a carrier settings update. Tap Settings > General > About. If an update is available, a prompt will appear.

  • Remove the SIM Card and verify that it is a valid, carrier-manufactured SIM. Also verify that it is not damaged, worn, or modified. Then reinsert it.

  • Restore the iPhone using iTunes.

  • If you still are unable to resolve this issue, contact Apple support for further assistance.


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