LG won’t let the Galaxy S7 steal the spotlight at MWC 2016

A day before Mobile World Congress 2016 kicks off next month in Barcelona the two biggest conglomerates from South Korea are likely to unveil their new flagship handsets, according to a report out of Korea this time around LG isn’t going to let Samsung’s new flagship steal the spotlight, it’s going to unveil the G5 on February 21st, the very same day that Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S7.

Samsung is sticking with its tradition of unveiling new Galaxy S handsets a day before MWC starts, last year LG decided to skip MWC 2015 and waited a couple of months after the Galaxy S6 had been unveiled to launch the G4. Apparently this year the company is convinced that it’s new handset is good enough to steal the spotlight from Samsung’s new flagship which is why it’s going to reveal it on exactly the same day. LG is one of the few companies that has already sent out invites for its press conference scheduled for next month (Samsung is yet to do this), even though it hasn’t said it outright that the G5 will be unveiled next month. There’s really nothing stopping LG from showing off its new flagship on the same day as Samsung; it’s not like that’s illegal or anything, but it will certainly make for interesting comparisons between the two handsets.