❤ OnePlus confirms its first Android tablet, the “OnePlus Pad” will launch on February 7



A decade after launching its first smartphone, OnePlus is finally making its first Android tablet in the “OnePlus Pad,” coming in just a couple of short weeks.

Rumors have been swirling of OnePlus making its own tablet for quite some time, and earlier this morning leaked renders even offered a first look at the upcoming Android tablet. But now, OnePlus has explicitly confirmed that the “OnePlus Pad” is right around the corner.

Speaking to TechRadar, OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus Pad, its first Android tablet, will be launching on February 7 alongside the OnePlus 11. The company also shared the first official teaser image for the tablet, which confirms this morning’s leak.

OnePlus says that its tablet is built from an aluminum body that has a slightly cambered frame (aka it’s rounded) along the sides. Apparently, that design choice was made to ensure the tablet was comfortable to hold for hours at a time. The company also points out that the circular rear camera module was placed in its central location rather than the more typical corner position because it is “more lined up with your own view.” Makes us wonder why the same isn’t true of the OnePlus 11.



The image above also gives an indication of the display compared to its bezels, which appear to be relatively thin, but big enough to house a front-facing camera. OnePlus’ tease that the tablet will be “smooth without equal” also hints that it might include a high refresh rate display.

The OnePlus Pad will launch on February 7 alongside the OnePlus 11, sporting a “Halo Green” color. There’s not much known about the spec sheet or any special features of the tablet, or even where it will be sold.