❤ “Protected by Android” is Google’s new security branding for the OS



Google is ever on the quest to improve the general perception of security and privacy on its mobile operating system. The latest effort is called “Protected by Android” and that branding looks set for a broader rollout.

The Android YouTube channel today uploaded a 50-second video about how the OS “is all about keeping you and your information safe so you can focus on what matters most.” Still images of people using smartphones – presumably Android-powered ones, but we’re pretty sure there’s one of an iPhone 8 Plus at 0:05 – with short captions are used throughout:

From detecting and defeating bad apps to helping you control your personal information, you’re always protected by Android.

A slick animation sees the green Android head morphs into a checkmarked shield: “Whatever you’re up to, you’ve got peace of mind when you’re protected by Android.” Highlighted platform and ecosystem features include:

  • Verified by Play Protect: “You’re safe from malware and harmful apps”
  • Monthly security updates: “Defended by non-stop security”
  • Location access permissions: “And in control of your personal information”






The ending tagline is “Android has you covered so you can focus on what matters,” while there’s a link to protectedbyandroid.com though that just redirects to android.com/safety.

Besides this ad, Google at I/O 2022 showed off Android 13’s upcoming unified “Security & privacy” settings page. Underneath the prominent “Scan device” button there’s the same “Protected by Android” branding and shield.



The page will be anchored by new action cards that notify you of critical steps you should take to address any safety risks. In addition to notifications to warn you about issues, we’ll also provide timely recommendations on how to enhance your privacy.