Samsung owns mobile and global smartphone shipments in Q2 2015

Samsung has yet another reason to smile.

The Korean manufacturer owned mobile and global smartphone shipments in Q2, having placed first in mobile marketshare with 19% to Apple’s 10% overall, first in Asia with 13% to Apple’s 8%, first in Europe with 31% as compared to Apple’s 14%, first in Latin America with 24% to Apple’s third place (behind Alcatel, tying with LG, Motorola, Huawei, and ZTE), and first in the Middle East with 25%. Apple didn’t rank in the MEA for Q2.

In global smartphone share, Samsung placed first with 21% to Apple’s 14%. As for particular regions, Samsung placed first with 14% to Apple’s 11%, first in Europe with 32% to Apple’s 16%, first in Latin America with 27% (Apple tied for third with Huawei), and first in the Middle East with 34%. Apple tied for third with ZTE and Alcatel.

Despite the prevailing story worldwide, however, Apple still won in its home country with 31% mobile phone share in the US as compared to Samsung’s 24%, and 34% in global smartphone share as compared to Samsung’s 26%. Samsung said recently that it has won marketshare but Apple still owns mindshare, but the mindshare hold the fruit company has is slipping in certain areas. Perhaps Huawei’s rise to the third-largest global smartphone manufacturer over Microsoft may have something to do with that.