Gear Manager for iOS leaked online

It was back in December last year that we exclusively revealed that Samsung was working on Gear Manager for iOS. This app will allow the Gear S2 smartwatch to work with an iPhone. Samsung confirmed in January this year that the Gear S2 will soon get support for iOS but it didn’t provide a confirmed date. A few weeks ago it was reported that support will arrive by the end of March but that didn’t happen. Now there’s a big indication that the Gear S2 iOS support just might arrive in the near future.

The leaked Gear Manager for iOS app is now circulating online. The leaked .ipa app file is a big indication that the app will soon be officially available from the App Store. In case you’ve never used an iPhone before it’s not possible to sideload an app as easily as you can on Android so you’re pretty much out of luck if you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone. Even if you do have a jailbroken iPhone it’s not recommended to sideload apps that come from unofficial sources, so bear in mind that should you decide to tinker with it you do so at your own risk. Just keep your fingers crossed if you can’t wait to use your Gear S2 with an iPhone, it may not be long before this becomes official.