Quick Tip: How to adjust my 3D touch sensitivity on your iPhone 6?

Quick Tip: How to adjust my 3D touch sensitivity on your iPhone 6?

You can adjust how light or heavy your 3D touch could be on your iPhone 6 just by going to the settings and make it suit your preference.

By default 3D Touch is enabled and set to “medium” pressure on a new, out-of-the-box iPhone 6s. But there’s a way deep within the iOS Settings app to change how much pressure is required for 3D Touch.

You can adjust 3D Touch settings by:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Choose General.

  • Choose Accessibility.

  • Scroll down to the fourth grouping of accessibility options where you’ll find the new first item is a 3D Touch menu.

  • In there, users can choose to turn 3D Touch on or off entirely, or adjust the sensitivity required for it to work. Apple offers three options: light, medium, or firm.

Conveniently, the menu also includes a “3D Touch Sensitivity Test” directly below the adjustment. Here, users can change the sensitivity and then immediately test how it feels for them.

As in other parts of iOS, the sensitivity test includes both “peek” and “pop” modes. Lightly pressing on the image of flowers brings up the photo into peek mode, while a firmer press opens the photo full-screen, with an option to close the image appearing at the bottom of the display.

For some, the default medium setting might require too firm of a press to invoke 3D Touch. And for others, it’s possible that the force with which they normally press their iPhone inadvertently invokes 3D Touch, for whom a firm setting might be preferable.

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