Apple iPod: Why is it stuck in recovery mode

Apple iPod: Why is it stuck in recovery mode

Same with all electronics, being stuck on recovery mode when trying to reset or update an iPod is no different story. It can be fixed easily though. This is how to do it.

Why is My iPod Stuck in Recovery Mode?

There are many reasons why this happens:

  • Recovery Mode can be a good thing, a great thing even, when it is used deliberately. But, just now and then, it may happen by accident, and that isn’t such a good thing.

  • Sometimes you have activated Recovery Mode deliberately, but your iPhone got bricked.

  • As is commonly recognised, Apple does not like owners having too much control, and Recovery Mode sometimes strikes if you attempt to jailbreak the phone.

  • Unfortunately, it also sometimes happens that you get stuck, when you are simply trying to update iOS.


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