❤ Leaked Motorola ‘Razr Ultra’ ad confirms everything we already knew



We know pretty much everything there is to know about the upcoming Motorola Razr foldable, but a new video is showing it all off in one neat package, along with a new name for the device.

A 44-second video ad for the Motorola Razr leaked last night courtesy of Evan Blass, known as @evleaks, which shows off the foldable from all angles. We can see the large outer cover display, full apps running on it, and the slick overall hardware Motorola has here. It looks stunning, just as it has the many, many times we’ve seen it before today.

The interesting little tidbit from this leak, though, is the name. The ad refers to the foldable as the “Motorola Razr Ultra,” branding we’ve not yet heard. We know the device will be called the “Razr 40 Ultra” internationally, but it was thought to be called the “Razr+” in the United States.

Name confusion aside, though, this still looks like an absolutely killer flip foldable. Motorola has previously confirmed the device will launch on June 1, so we’re only a few short days away at this point.






Beyond the video, Blass also shared a set of images of the new Razr that shows it from every single angle and also explicitly confirms the unsurprising use of a “droplet” style hinge.





Motorola confirms June 1 launch for new Razr foldables





The Razr is coming. After a ton of leaks in recent weeks regarding Motorola’s new “Razr 40” series of foldables, the company has just posted a teaser that hints at two devices and confirms a June 1 launch.

In a tweet, Motorola confirms a June 1 launch event where it will “Flip the Script.” The brief teaser doesn’t mention a location, but it does very clearly show two foldable devices.





Notably, too, Motorola hints at a US release for its new Razr with a retweet of the teaser from the Motorola US account.

So far, leaks of the new Motorola Razr, known as the “Razr 40,” have detailed that there will be two foldables. One, the “Razr 40 Ultra,” will be a flagship device with some striking colors, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, and a huge outer cover display. On the other hand, the standard “Razr 40” would be a more affordable device that has a much smaller outer cover display but similar hardware otherwise.

There’s no word on specific pricing for these devices just yet, but we’re certainly excited to see the debut, especially since it seems a US launch might be in order.