❤ Motorola ThinkPhone leaks as a perfect companion for Lenovo’s laptops



Lenovo has found an abundance of success with the ThinkPad lineup, built as a tough solution for business professionals. Now, Motorola – owned by Lenovo – is coming up on its release of the perfect match, the ThinkPhone. Newly unveiled details suggest the ThinkPhone will be a legitimate contender once it comes to market.

The “Think” lineup takes the least flashy approach. Lenovo has for a long time designed these devices to take on a basic look, with minimal distracting touches. Regardless, those devices have always proven to be true professional products.

Looking to continue that pattern, Motorola is allegedly coming up on the release of its newest endeavor, the ThinkPhone (via TheTechOutlook). The ThinkPhone comes in at 158.7 x 74.4 x 8.3 mm, which results in a display footprint of 6.6 inches. That panel is a POLED display with a punch-hole camera centered at the top. Behind the cutout less a 32MP selfie camera with AF.

What really makes it a “Think” branded product is the subtle and simple design. The body of the ThinkPhone is rumored to be aluminum with an “Aramid Fiber Inlay” back plate, to give it some durability sans case. As far as the camera array goes, the Motorola ThinkPhone will come with a triple-lens system. That setup includes a 50MP primary sensor, 13MP wide-angle lens, and a 2MP depth sensor.

Under the hood, the latest leaks from SnoopyTech suggest the ThinkPhone will sport a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, giving it quite the edge in capability. With that, the device will have fast charging capabilities of up to 68W, which should theoretically get you a full battery in around an hour or even less. On top of that, it’s equipped with wireless charging.







The ThinkPhone is also rumored to run Android 13 out of the box, though there’s no word on reliability over a longer period of time and whether or not Motorola will promise future updates for the ThinkPhone.

Other uncovered tidbits include an under-display fingerprint sensor, a face-down do not disturb mode, and even apparent IP68 water and dust resistance certification.

Overall, the ThinkPhone is set to be a powerful device, whether you’re on the road or working from home. The takeaway point is that the ThinkPhone specs scream “competent” on paper, but only time will tell if Motorola’s version of Android 13 will play nice enough for the hardware to shine.