Top iPhone X features it should have years ago

All the hardware and software features, specs, and other quirks which the iPhone X have that all Apple smartphones should have years and years ago.


Getting their gorgeous displays from Samsung, Apple was drawn in to the pricing of expensive AMOLED screens. This made the new iPhone X more expensive and Apple being too dependent on their very own competition for their production. Yet, this is one feature new to the iPhone X that should have been a staple even from the iPhone 5s.


Infinity displays

The Essential Phone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the Galaxy flagships and even Doogee. They have pre-empted the iPhone X for the edge to edge displays from mere months to a full year. These are not even all flagship devices. In whatever way to put it, the iPhone X was beaten to the punch and will not claim to be the first to have an all screen smartphone.


Wireless Charging

The infamous wireless charging. It has been in the scene for years and years now. From the old Nokias to the modern Galaxy smartphones. It was a staple in the Android world and has always been. Apple took a long time to realize this is a feature perfect for the iPhone 7 since it’s got no headphone jack. For some reason, charging while using earbuds is a thing and Apple mended this issue with the iPhone X – only a great too late.

qi charging

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