Things iPhone X changed from the usual iPhone

Whether you hate it or love it, the iPhone X is one extra ordinary smartphone. It has so much new features everyone would be eager to try.

Face ID replaced Touch ID

No more fingerprint sensor for the new iPhone X. It’s now down to the depth sensor of the Face ID that will unlock your device if you look at it head on. It’s pretty accurate since it’s not using a flat image of your face but the contour or 3D image of it. It works well in the dark, in the light, in the shadow and most importantly, it can’t be fooled by a photograph of yourself.


Goodbye, Home

Without Touch ID, it also follows that it’s now over for the Home button. The iconic home button that has started its life in an iPod Touch, then transferred to the latest iPhone 8 as the fingerprint sensor. It was replaced by touch based gestures.


Getting rid of the home button means that there will be new ways to interact with the user interface and that is, gestures. Gestures to swipe up to left will get you to the multi task area. Swipe up to get to the quick settings. You can also swipe up from the right and left side of the top notch. You get the idea. You will have to re-learn how to use an iOS device.

Augmented Reality

Using the powerful new SOC and good hardware sensors on the camera, the iPhone X is more poised than ever to get to the augmented reality game. This means more than just Pokemon GO, it’s more like interacting with your home while you shop for furniture in Ikea. 


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