WEARVR Weekly Top Ten VR Downloads – January #4

Looking for something fun to play in VR? We’ve got the top 10 downloads from the last week on the WEARVR app marketplace, a cross-platform repository of virtual reality experiences.


10. Deep Sea

Who needs to go Scuba Diving when you’ve got VR? Dive into the Deep Blue and experience Whales, Sharks, Stingrays and other frightening sea creatures. The same developer that brought you the hugely popular ‘Sea Monster’. Inspired by “In the Blue” by WEVR



9. L.A.2097

Pre-release experience inspired by the film Blade Runner, in particular the balcony shot. Sit down and let the city fill you.


flying aces vr wearvr top 10

8. Flying Aces VR

Flying Aces VR is a flight sim/combat game set during World War 1. Take to the skies and experience the birth and rise of aerial combat during the Great War (1914-1918). Develop and test your piloting, gunning and bombing skills in structured missions, and lead your side to victory from above!



7. Dreadhalls

Dreadhalls is a horror dungeon crawler that has you exploring the procedurally generated dungeon in search for the exit, while avoiding the creatures that dwell in the maze. Updated for SDK 0.8.



6. Don’t let Go!

Part experiment, part amazing idea for Oculus Rift, Don’t Let Go! has you sat in a chair with your hands infront of you and the only rule is that no matter what happens you can’t lift your hands. We won’t spoil it for you, but a lot happens to make you want to move your hands.. and possibly run away screaming.



5. City Coaster

Take a thrilling ride through the colorful city on the beach on a coaster. A smooth ride through the city will leave you breathless for more, but not so crazy that you feel dazed! Enjoy!




Explore your surroundings and dive deep into an ancient cave system. Follow the drone ship and discover the horrific truth about the darkest of all places… “ SONAR is a new kind of cinematic entertainment, striking a balance between traditional movie making and interactive media. The short film is a fully immersive, slow paced, 360° computer-generated experience.


3. Push For Emor

Fight your way across 11 planets, engage in space combat, disable enemy craft and board enemy wrecks and explore abandoned space stations. Defeat evil planet governors as you push towards planet Emor.

When the Emorian Empire starts to expand it’s territories into Justicar federal space, Colonel Ferris Glutes sends you in under cover to join a resistance group allied with Justicar. Your mission, that you have no choice but to accept (because it’s your job and it would be a very short game if you didn’t) is to clear the way for Justicar forces.



2. Dreadeye

Now updated for Oculus Runtime 0.8! Please, take a seat. You’ll be here for a while. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Let these creatures welcome you… They’ll keep you company. Give you a taste of a dark surreal experience. Don’t be afraid just yet… Perhaps they will spare you this time around. After all… the nastiest thing they can do to you will only be virtual. But… then again… You will probably be wishing you were in a real dream.


1. The Caretaker

A VR experience inspired by ‘The Shining’.

You’re the new caretaker at The Overview; chosen to single-handedly look after this remote hotel throughout the icy winter months. We join you on your first day of complete isolation; waking up very late following the end of season staff party – high in the mountains and cut off from the world by the first of the big snow storms. It’s time to leave your room and make your first check of the deserted hotel.
This experience is inspired by the fantastic Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining.