Work Better and Faster with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has ‘unpacked’ the latest evolution of the Galaxy Note yesterday at an event in Berlin, Germany.

The Galaxy Note 4 features a bigger screen with multi-screen functionality that offers real benefits to users that want a mobile device that can power them through their working day.

Galaxy Note 4


With the original Galaxy Note, we created the large screen form factor that has now become an industry standard and with the new Note 4, we’re re-defining this category once again.

More flexible and with more intuitive tools, the Note 4 is designed to make working on-the-go easier than ever before. Often, we wait to respond to emails received on-the-go until we have access to a bigger screen, be that a tablet or laptop. With the Note 4, we believe that the habit of moving between different devices for different tasks can be broken with a single phablet that is small enough to move with you but powerful enough to cope with your daily work expectations and needs.

With the Note 4, we’ve re-imagined the humble pen and paper for the digital age.

The larger screen offers the opportunity to multi-task using two open windows at once, while the S Pen allows the user to select, cut, paste and edit with much greater efficiency and ease.

Testing out the Galaxy Note 4


The Note 4 also uses fast charging technology that can recharge around 50% of battery in just half an hour. Even with a faster processor and Quad HD screen, the battery life on the Galaxy Note 4 has actually improved on its predecessor.

Faster, smarter and sharper than ever, the Note 4 is the ultimate tool for your day-to-day work demands.