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Apple Store is down ahead of WWDC Apple event: iOS 16, new MacBook Air, and more

The Apple Store is down ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2022 keynote later today, with a new placeholder page that reads ‘Developing news’. The ceremonial store-going-down dance usually indicates that Apple is preparing to announce new hardware products.

Of course, the main star of the show today will be on the operating system updates; we expect Apple to unveil major new features for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16. Some new hardware announcements are also in the cards …

iOS 16 will be the star of the show, featuring new lock-screen widget functionality, updates to Messages and Health apps, and more. iPadOS updates are expected to include significant advancements when it comes to multitasking multiple apps at a time, perhaps adding desktop-style resizable windows for the first time.

Betas for iOS 16 and other Apple operating systems will be made available to developers today. A release date for public beta testing will likely come next month, with a public release set for the fall.

Although WWDC is usually thought of as a software event, Apple periodically uses the event to announce new hardware too.

This year, the rumor mill is expecting Apple to unveil a new generation MacBook Air, perhaps featuring second-generation Apple Silicon ‘M2’ chip, thinner screen bezels and an enclosure redesign reminiscent of the 2021 MacBook Pro models. Availability of the new laptops is expected to be severely constrained due to ongoing supply chain production shortages.

We also expect Apple to preview the Apple Silicon Mac Pro today. The new Mac Pro probably won’t go on sale until the end of the year, though. Both the 2013 and 2019-generation Mac Pro models were also unveiled first at WWDC as a sneak peek, before a winter release.

Other M2-revved product launches are possible, such as a base model M2 13-inch MacBook Pro and M2 Mac mini. The M2 will build upon the tremendous performance and energy efficiency of the Apple-designed M1 chip, which first debuted in October 2020.

WWDC 2022 kicks off with tours of the new Apple Developer Center; here’s a look inside





WWDC 2022 officially kicks off tomorrow, but developers who were invited to the event are getting a head start as Apple is offering tours of its all-new Developer Center, which is located on the Apple Park Campus. Images posted to Twitter have offered our first look inside the Developer Center, which features different rooms named after macOS releases, the Big Sur Theater, and much more.

The Apple Developer Center had been somewhat of a mystery until now. Apple’s Phil Schiller first teased the new building during his testimony in the Apple vs. Epic Games legal trial last year. It was then revealed that WWDC 2022 would mark the grand opening of the Developer Center, at least for the developers lucky enough to earn an invite through Apple’s lottery system.

While WWDC 2022 officially starts tomorrow, developers already in Cupertino can attend a special Open House event at the Developer Center today. Developer Paul Hudson has been sharing a slew of pictures from inside the Developer Center on Twitter, and it appears to be as impressive as you’d expect any building on the Apple Park campus to be.

As you can see in the images posted by Hudson below, the Developer Center features different rooms that are all named after macOS releases, including Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and El Capitan. Inside those rooms, developers will find a wide array of technology as well as whiteboards, TVs, and more for meetings and sessions.

One of the highlights of the new Developer Center is the Big Sur Theater, which appears to be a scaled-down version of Steve Jobs Theater — but equally as impressive. There’s a large stage with a massive screen, plush seating for developers, and more.

Throughout the rest of the Developer Center, Hudson says you can find a variety of easter eggs, pieces of classic Apple hardware, and more. Developers also received a swag package consisting of a T-shirt, a hat, a water bottle, and a collection of enamel pins.

You can view all of the pictures from Hudson below. The Developer Center will be open for those developers already at Apple Park until 6 p.m. local time tonight. It will also be where John Gruber will host his annual The Talk Show Live event, likely featuring an interview with Apple executive(s). The Talk Show Live is slated for Tuesday, June 7.