❤ Apple confirms some Apple Card users are currently unable to make in-store purchases



After seeing an Apple Card outage earlier this month that affected all users, the credit card is seeing downtime again this morning which is preventing some from using it for in-store purchases.

Apple Card is seeing downtime June 02,2021 and Apple says the outage is impacting all users.

Update 12:19 pm PT: Apple’s system status webpage indicates the Apple Card outage has been resolved.

Update 11:06 am PT: The outage is still ongoing and appears to be affecting purchases as well, according to tweets we’ve embedded below.

Update 10:28 am PT: Going on four hours, the Apple Card downtime continues.

Update 8:28 am PT: The outage is still ongoing.

Apple updated its System Status page last June 02,2021 noting the issue with Apple Card. Along with Apple confirming all users are affected by the outage, it looks like most all functionality such as making payments, viewing/managing the card, and even seeing payments is not available.

Users may not be able to manage their Apple Card, make payments, and may not see recent transactions.




The outage started at 6:17 am PT/ 9:17 am ET. We’ll update this post as we learn more about the situation.

last June 02,2021 issue comes shortly after Apple Card Family Sharing arrived with iOS 14.6 at the end of May.

as of June 14,2021 Apple Card outage is more minor than the one we saw two months ago. But the company has confirmed on its System Status page that Apple Card via Apple Pay isn’t working for some in stores.

Some users may not be able to make in-store purchases with Apple Card using Apple Pay.

That means using the physical card with the chip or to swipe should work for in-store purchases and also Apple Card via Apple Pay online and in apps should be fine as well.

The outage has been going on since 12:30 am PT / 3:30 am ET. We’ll update this post as the issue is worked on and resolved.

The previous Apple Card outage that took the credit down completely for all users lasted about six hours. Hopefully this one will be resolved more quickly.