❤ Apple Design Award winner Pok Pok Playroom iOS app for kids gets new ‘Blocks’ toy



The wonderful kids’ app Pok Pok Playroom has got its latest update today with “Blocks.” This timeless toy is great for open-ended play that builds spatial awareness, creative thinking, fine motor skills, physics fundamentals, and much more.

Shortly after launching, Pok Pok won an Apple Design Award and the app has been launching regular updates adding new engaging toys and features.

Today’s update with Blocks offers endless possibilities to play and be creative:

We are so excited to bring our version of Blocks to Pok Pok Playroom today! It’s as simple and tactile as we could make it. We recorded real wooden blocks and toys in our Toronto studio to create the sound effects, and spend weeks fine-tuning the way each block moves, collapses and falls on others.

Blocks gives kids the opportunity to build patience, creativity, self-regulation, fine motor abilities, memory, problem-solving skills, and more. It also introduces them to important STEM fundamentals like physics, gravity and balance while leaving them the freedom to play however they choose.

Pok Pok Playroom is available from the App Store with a free 14-day trial. After that, it runs $3.99/month or $29.99/year.

Discover a vast collection of minimalist building blocks, ripe for imagination and construction.

How kids learn with Blocks

Kids can play with Blocks in countless different ways, like to explore gravity.