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Apple iPad: 10 tips and tricks with iOS 11

Been using iPad for quite some time makes you accustomed to the old iOS, but what’s new with iOS 11 will blow your mind away. Here’s some new tips and tricks.

  1. Free up space automatically

    iOS can remove apps you don’t use. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and turn on Offload Unused Apps. If you reinstall an app later, documents you created with the app, and all your data, are still there.

  2. Pay friends with a message

    Replay tip video: Pay friends with a message

    Use Apple Pay to send money, right in Messages. In a conversation, tap an amount, then tap Pay. Or tap Apps icon, then tap Apple Pay icon and Pay.

  3. Track a flight

    Enter a flight number in the search field to get up-to-the-minute status. (To display the search field, swipe down from the middle of the Home screen.)

  4. Share your location with QuickType

    Replay tip video: Share your location with QuickType

    In Messages, tell someone where you are without entering an address. Type “I’m at” and a space, then tap Current Location.

  5. Pin a note

    Replay tip video: Pin a note

    Keep first things first. Swipe right on a note to keep it at the top of the list, even when you add new notes.

  6. Organize your files

    Replay tip video: Organize your files

    While browsing in Files, swipe down to display sorting options — such as list view and icon view — and the New Folder button .

  7. Insert a sketch in text

    Replay tip video: Insert a sketch in text

    In Notes, hold down Apple Pencil for a moment where you want to insert something; when you lift up, space is made for your drawing. Drag the handles above or below the space to make even more room.

  8. Mark up a screenshot

    Replay tip video: Mark up a screenshot

    Take a screenshot, then tap the thumbnail. Start drawing, or tap the icon with a plus sign to add text, a magnifier, and more. To share the screenshot, tap the Share icon.

  9. View your email drafts

    Replay tip video: View your email drafts

    To see your unfinished email messages, touch and hold the New Message icon. Tap a draft to work on it.

  10. The all-new App Store

    Every day, the all-new App Store has must-read stories, expert recommendations, carefully crafted lists, helpful how-tos, and new ways to find your next favorite app or game.


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