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Apple iPhone: How long should you put a wet iPhone in rice

We know that you know the rice technique on wet iPhones works like magic. But how long should you put it in? A few hours? A few days?

The Rice Magic

You know how you put a tiny cup of rice in a saucepan full of water and before you know it you have enough to feed the 5,000? That’s because rice is amazing at sucking up water. Grab a big bowl, then into the bowl goes your wet phone, smartwatch or activity tracker and enough rice to adequately cover it.

Now forget about it for 24 hours.

Only when the time is up should you reassemble your now hopefully dry device and attempt to switch it on. If it doesn’t work, stick it back in the rice and try again the following day. On the third or fourth unsuccessful attempt you should begin to consider noting the time of death.

You could also substitute rice for silica gel (you’ll probably find some packets of this in the box for the last pair of trainers you bought).

If you have a nice warm airing cupboard in your house, leaving your device in there for a day or three could help draw out the unwanted moisture. The key word here, though, is ‘warm’: avoid anything ‘hot’.


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