❤ ChatGPT’s official Android app is now available for download



After a couple of months of waiting, users are now able to download OpenAI’s official ChatGPT app from the Play Store on Android.

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, simply by being at the forefront when it comes to conversational AI language models. Of course, a lot of work is behind that, and that effort puts ChatGPT at the top in terms of quality models available for use on the web. With that, OpenAI planned to bring its services to iOS, though Android users were still left waiting for an official app.

With registration opening up just days ago, ChatGPT now has an official Android app available for installation on the Play Store. The company teased an Android app when its iOS variant hit the App Store, though no one was sure how far off the Android version may be. Before today, a ChatGPT placeholder in the Play Store simply read “coming soon.”

There are a ton of ChatGPT lookalikes on Android’s Play Store, but this one by OpenAI is the real deal. The app is available for free and comes with the same features you’d see on the iOS version. OpenAI notes that either user is going to have the same experience.











Once downloaded, you’ll be greeted with a sign-in screen painted in vibrant colours. Beyond that, users are shown a disclaimer noting that ChatGPT has flaws and can be inaccurate, which is a good reminder. The UI is incredibly simple and offers up the same web-based experience, with a chat window that lets you make conversation or ask questions.

According to the team, ChatGPT on Android will be available in the US, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil. OpenAI plans to expand further over the next week, which means that the company is moving pretty fast to make the official app available.

ChatGPT, in effect, is a basic rendering of what AI looks like for users. Built around a real language model, OpenAI has been responsible for one of the most advanced AI chatbots to exist, allowing users to ask questions and converse with humanlike processing. So advanced even Microsoft uses it to base its Bing Chat, though AI models still have a long way to go in terms of being a replacement for factual sources.

Of course, it’s been absent from mobile devices in a native form for a long time, with several third-party developers trying their hand and most usage coming from web browsers. Now, OpenAI has announced that its ChatGPT model is now available on the App Store for iOS, with a small asterisk hanging out for Android users.

P.S. Android users, you’re next! ChatGPT will be coming to your devices soon.

There’s no telling what very soon means for OpenAI, though we can’t expect it to be too far off.

When the app comes to Android, we’re expecting the same structuring found in the iOS app currently available. Paid users will have access to a more powerful and advanced version of the language model – GPT-4 – and faster response times. Beyond that, free users will be able to access Whisper, the company’s voice recognition software, and sync across multiple devices. Essentially, the app is everything you could do before but is now available in a native app.

This all comes as Google aims to increase its AI footprint with its new Labs, like Duet AI and generative AI in Google Search. These functions aren’t exactly a chatbot, though AI in Search should theoretically make for a good source of info, so long as the language model can differentiate fact from fiction.