❤ How to fix distortion in Galaxy S10 ultra-wide camera photos



All three models of the Galaxy S10 come with an ultra-wide camera at the back, allowing users to take photos that can capture more of a scene without having to move back. The ultra-wide camera has a field of view of 123 degrees, which is considerably higher than the 77-degree field of view of the primary camera. However, the outer corners of ultra-wide photos can have some distortion that’s widely (no pun intended) known as the fish-eye effect.

The fish-eye effect can be highly noticeable in some scenes or be minor enough to not be a concern in others. Examples of the former include photos that have buildings in the corner of the frame, which can look quite distracting. Don’t worry, though: The Galaxy S10 comes with a built-in shape correction feature to fix that distortion.

How does it work? Well, once enabled, the shape correction feature crops out a part of the photo at the edges. Basically, the distorted edges are simply cut out of the frame, leaving you without the fish-eye effect. Check above to see how the corrected image looks vs. the non-corrected image (slide right for non-corrected image and left for the corrected version).

Shape correction for the ultra-wide camera is disabled by default, so let’s look at where you can find it on your Galaxy S10.



How to fix distortion in Galaxy S10 ultra-wide photos



Step 1: Open the Camera app on your S10e, S10, or S10+.

Step 2: Tap the gear icon on the top left of the camera UI to go into camera settings.





Step 3: Under the Pictures section of the settings, tap Save options.





Step 4: Here, enable the Ultra-wide shape correction option.





That’s it. Every ultra-wide shot you take will have the distortion on the edges automatically removed after you have taken a photo. And it’s best to have the option enabled at all times, as cutting out the distorted edges rarely has an adverse effect on an ultra-wide photo’s usefulness.