❤ How to turn on Clear Calling on your Pixel 7, and why you should



Recently added in the December Pixel Feature Drop for the Pixel 7 series – and eventually for the Pixel 6 – Clear Calling is a feature that ensures people on the other end of your phone call can hear you almost perfectly. This guide will walk you through enabling it on your device, and why it might be a good idea.

In general, phone calls haven’t evolved much between phone numbers. Using basic radio waves, a phone call is a simple back-and-forth transaction with no surprising tech involved. Because of that, it can sometimes be difficult to get a clear and crisp call, no matter what side you’re on.

With Clear Calling, that changes. Using a network or Wi-Fi connection, the Pixel utilizes noise cancellation methods and a little AI and machine learning to determine what sounds need to be involved and what don’t. For instance, calls on busy streets with cars passing and people talking won’t result in your voice being drowned out.

The end product is a call that is free from background noises and interruptions for both callers.

How to enable Clear Calling

To get started, your Pixel 7 or 7 Pro needs to be completely up-to-date. The Clear Calling feature was brought to life in the latest Feature Drop update. Once you’re sure your Pixel 7 is completely updated, you should be able to enable clear calling pretty easily.

  1. On your Pixel 7, head to the settings.
  2. Head to Network & internet.
  3. Tap Calls & SMS.
  4. Under Wi-Fi calling, choose your main network.
  5. Enable Wi-Fi calling.
  6. Head back to the main settings page and tap Sound & vibration.
  7. Find and hit Clear calling.
  8. Toggle on Enable clear calling.





On your end, you won’t notice clear calling working, but as long as you have an internet connection of some sort, you can be confident the feature is working.

Because the feature is internet-dependent, you need to have Wi-Fi calling enabled. With that, you may find that calls fail when leaving an internet connection. This isn’t uncommon with Wi-Fi calling, but it’s something to be aware of.

Overall, Clear Calling is a great feature, especially for those on the other end of your phone calls. While you won’t hear the result of turning the feature on, you can be sure those who you call will be.