❤ How to Use Custom Fonts on iPhone and iPad Free with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Fonts



Did you know you can now use custom fonts with iPhone and iPad? If there is one thing that iPhones and iPads have been lacking for too long, it’s support for custom fonts. Apple’s iPad, in particular, should have had custom fonts a long time ago, especially given its focus on productivity since the arrival of iPad Pro. But as of iOS and iPadOS 13 and newer, custom font support is here. And as you might expect, they’re pretty easy to get up and running.

While not all apps support custom fonts out of the gate, all of the main players have already released updates that add that support. Others are presumably still coming, but don’t expect to use custom fonts in things like Instagram and Facebook. It’s just not going to happen (yet anyway, who knows what the future holds for those apps).

Apple’s support for custom fonts is a system-wide solution, which means all of the font-handling is taken care of by Apple and the Settings app. You just need a way to get them there, first. Perhaps the easiest way is to download Adobe’s Creative Cloud app because it comes with a ton of free fonts. If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber you get access to even more, but it isn’t required.

We’re going to focus on Creative Cloud here because it’s free and everyone has probably already heard of it. Many of you probably already have it installed so that’s going to be what we cover here. Downloading apps that can install custom fonts works like other apps, and the process for installing them will largely be the same regardless of the developer.

With all that said, and assuming you’re using an iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPadOS 13 or later, let’s get started.


How to Use Custom Fonts on iPhone & iPad with Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud app (free) and log in with your account. If you don’t have one, creating one is easy and free.
  • Tap the “Fonts” tab at the bottom of the screen.



Tap Fonts



  • Tap “Install Fonts” under any that take your fancy and then tap “Install” to confirm.
  • Open the Settings app and tap “General” followed by “Fonts.” You’ll see all of your installed fonts right there, ready to be used.



Font information in Settings app



  • Open any app that supports custom fonts and take them for a spin. The process for selecting a font will differ for all apps, but the latest versions of Pages, Keynote, Mail, and more are all ready to get in on the custom font awesomeness.


And that’s all there is to it, really. Your iPhone or iPad now has custom fonts installed, ready for use in many apps.

You can download others from the likes of Font Diner if you’re still looking for more fonts to try out, too. There are a lot of places to find free fonts and they should all work with ease on the iPhone and iPad now, so try them out.

Presumably custom font support will enhance over time with iOS and iPadOS. Remember the Mac also supports custom fonts, and it’s incredibly simple to install new fonts on Mac (and remove them too for that matter), so if you work with various Apple devices you should be able to enjoy many font options now.

There are tons of other new features in the latest iOS versions that are well worth checking out, including the much-vaunted Dark Mode.