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Samsung Galaxy: Different ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9

You can unlock your Galaxy S9 in many, many ways. With security and privacy being a top priority in every smartphone, Samsung has done a good job at giving redundancy in your security.

samsung galaxy s9 unlocking options

  1. Iris Scanning is one new unlock feature that can’t easily be breached. Using the iris of your eyes, your Galaxy S9 will scan it and verify if it’s you who’s trying to access the phone. Although, not commonplace in all Android smartphones, Samsung has kept this feature in for it’s flagship device.

    • Pros: Very secure from hacking

    • Cons: Need to hold your smartphone parallel to your eyes

  2. Face Unlock uses your face to unlock your Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. This, in paper, sounds really great and bulletproof in terms of it’s ability to deter unauthorized access to your smartphone but it sometimes fail. One instance is when a photograph of you is used to unlock your device. Without a depth sensor like in the iPhone X, the Face Unlock will remain sub par in the new Galaxy.

    • Pros: Easy to use

    • Cons: Security concerning tricked lockscreens with the use of photos or masks, or a twin

  3. Fingerprint has been around for many years now on every modern smartphone released. It has been proven to work flawlessly each and every time. It has since been improving together with enhanced processing power and upgraded hardware on the newer Galaxy S9.

    • Pros: Tested and proven to be secure and easy to use

    • Cons: Fingerprints can somehow be compromised by using copies of your fingerprints

  4. Pattern. Remember this one? It’s not secure. People can see your pattern while you’re doing it. You can either make a few wrong tries then you’re locked out.

    • Pros: Easy to setup

    • Cons: Not secure and easy to hack

  5. Password is good when you’re trying to login to your email account or your social media apps. But with a smartphone that you open every 5 minutes, the idea of entering a long, secure password seems time consuming and tedious. Short and fast passwords are insecure, so it’s out of the equation.

    • Pros: Easy to setup

    • Cons: Not that easy to use

  6. PIN is also best left to your ATM machine yet when your fingerprint fails to read correctly, your PIN is the easiest secondary option to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9.

    • Pros: Easy to use and PINs are easier to remember

    • Cons: Hacking is also easier due to lesser PIN characters to crack


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