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Samsung Galaxy: What’s so special with the Galaxy S9 camera

This is the time when smartphone cameras may have reached peak performance, yet the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is still pushing innovations towards DSLR territory.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera special is not the bumped up resolution since a smartphone camera sensor could only cater for so much pixels. It’s the way it manages light that makes it stand out from the competitions like the Pixel or the iPhone.

1. Dual Aperture is a brand new feature that let’s the camera module take on two different apertures. This means that when it in extremely bright conditions, the Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera will use a smaller aperture (f2.4) to make a photo clearer yet not overexpose the image with so much light.

In low-light or dark conditions, it will use a wider aperture (f1.5) to let in more light to get the most out of the image. As a result, photos taken with this setting in dark places will appear less grainy yet retains the details that it should deliver to the sensor.

2. Super Slow-mo takes on an iPhone feature with a vengeance. This time, the Samsung Galaxy S9 can capture 960 frames a second of video that will slow down time with a very smooth playback once the video file is saved.

3. Instant Sharing of your super slow-mo has never been easier with the Samsung Galaxy S9’s built-in editor to create GIFs out of your Super Slow-mo videos. You can then immediately share it on your favorite social media app after choosing whether you want to reverse, forward or swing loop your desired video.

4. Slow-mo Lockscreen is when you get one slow-mo video from your gallery and use it as your lockscreen screensaver. It sounds gimmicky but you’ll love it when you’ve tried it.

5. Slow-mo Motion Detection is when you set an area of your touchscreen and once the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera sensor detects motion, it will automatically record a Super Slow-mo video without any help from you. Just set and capture.

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