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Samsung Galaxy: What’s an AR Emoji in Galaxy S9

Augmented Reality Emoji is a new feature for the Samsung Galaxy S9’s messaging platforms. You can take your own selfie and from that create a whole set of emojis completely customizable anytime you want.

1. AR Emojis

Augmented Reality with Samsung Galaxy S9 is taking AR to the next level. This time, to make it more appealing to the average consumer or the social media addict in us, they’ve incorporated it on AR emojis. It can turn your selfie into an emoji and watch your messaging come alive by having a version of you being used for conversations.

  • You can create an animated version of yourself that shows off your inner you.

  • Get your message across with an emoji that follows your movements and expressions.

2. Personalized Emoji

You can now show off your personal style. From hair to clothes, you can make your emoji look a lot like you—or who you want to be.personalized emoji galaxy s9
3. Animated AR Emoji

You can record videos with your emoji talking, singing, or whatever you feel like doing. Then share it with your friends.

animated emoji galaxy s9
4. How to make your own AR Emoji

  1. Open the camera app

  2. Tap ar emoji, then create avatar

  3. Follow on screen instructions

  4. Personalize


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