Samsung Z3 source code released. Check it out!

Tizen developers should be interested to hear that Samsung has released the source code for the Tizen Z3 (Z300HDDU0AOJ4), which reveals all the internals of the device’s software. In a world with growing privacy concerns, this is very good as it allows a developer to take a look at what exactly happens behind the closed doors in the Tizen OS.

This move will help developers in releasing more apps, putting aside the fact that Samsung is also offering 100 percent of their app revenue to developers. It looks like Tizen is truly gaining traction as Samsung declares that its OS is the 2nd largest smartphone operating system in the budget segment in India.

It’s important that Samsung keeps an open source approach to things, and this is a good step forward. If you plan on downloading the source code then prepare for a hefty download as all the files weigh in at about 1.8GB.