❤ Samsung’s irregular heartbeat notifications on Galaxy Watch FDA-cleared



Samsung is gearing up One UI 5 Watch for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6, which brings some much-needed improvements. One brand new addition to that Galaxy Watch OS is Samsung’s irregular heartbeat notifications, which can let users know if they’re having issues well before they manually check.

The Galaxy Watch 5 utilizes sensors to issue an electrocardiogram test, which can detect irregular heartbeats in users with the intention of directing them to seek medical help. Of course, this test is on-demand, meaning that users need to manually check whether or not they have an irregular heartbeat. While the tool is invaluable, it can’t be expected that everyone will check on a regular basis.

In an effort to be more proactive in irregular heartbeat discovery, Samsung has been pushing for the Health Monitor app to be able to check these readings in the background. Announced May 08,2023 , Samsung has officially received clearance from the FDA to push that background monitoring function to Galaxy Watches with the ability to run an ECG.





By allowing the Samsung Health monitor app to run ECG tests in the background, Galaxy Watch users with detected irregular heartbeat rhythms will get a notification if AFib is detected. After receiving a notification, Samsung will have the user run a manual ECG. A manual ECG is more accurate because it requires the users to sit in a certain position with a finger on the watch for a clear reading.

Once activated in the Samsung Health Monitor app, the feature will check for irregular heart rhythms in the background via Galaxy Watch’s BioActive Sensor. If a certain number of consecutive measurements are irregular, Galaxy Watch warns the user of potential AFib activity, prompting them to take an ECG using their watch for a more accurate measurement.

The feature is expected to become available in the upcoming One UI 5 Watch update, which will debut in full on the Galaxy Watch 6 later this year and comes as Samsung builds on its version of Wear OS.

We expect that Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 users who sign up for the One UI 5 Watch beta will also see this feature included. It’s worth noting that ECG readings are still limited to users with Galaxy phones paired to their Galaxy Watch, limiting the functionality for many.