❤ How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch

How to set an alarm clock on Apple Watch



Want to use your Apple Watch as an alarm clock? Whether you wear your Apple Watch to bed, or use it in nightstand clock mode, you can set your Apple Watch to function as an alarm clock.

There are a few different ways to add alarms to Apple Watch, we’ll show you various methods to setting an alarm using Siri for both repeating alarms and one-off alarms, as well as using the Apple Watch Alarms app to set an alarm.


How to Add Alarm on Apple Watch with Siri


The easiest way to add an alarm to the Apple Watch is by using Siri. To set a one-time alarm on Apple Watch with Siri:

  • Summon Siri on the Apple Watch (by using Hey Siri, raise-to-Siri, or holding the rotating dial button), then say “Set an alarm for (time)”


For example, to set an alarm for 5:30 am, you’d say “set an alarm for five thirty A M”.


How to Set Repeating Alarm on Apple Watch with Siri


To set a repeating alarm that goes off every day at the same time, use the following syntax:

  • Summon Siri on the Apple Watch, then say “Set a repeating alarm for six thirty A M”


A repeating alarm will repeat every day at the same time, so if you want a consistent alarm this is a good way to have one.

How to Set Alarm Clock on Apple Watch with Alarms app


You can also set an alarm clock on Apple Watch by using the Alarms app, this requires multiple steps performed on the watch itself:

  1. Open the Alarms app on Apple Watch then tap on “Add Alarm”
  2. Choose whether you want the alarm to be AM or PM
  3. Next tap on the hour and use the rotating dial button on the Apple Watch to select the hour you want the alarm to go off on
  4. Then tap on the minutes and again use the rotating dial to set the minutes
  5. Tap on the “Set” button to set the alarm
    • To set the alarm to repeat, tap the alarm time to edit the alarm, then tap the “Repeat” option and adjust accordingly


You can set other customizations to the alarm as well, including changing the name, changing the alarm clock time, and whether or not to allow snoozing of the alarm.

How to Snooze & Stop Alarms on Apple Watch


You can snooze the alarm clock on Apple Watch by pressing the rotating dial button.

You can stop and turn off the Apple Watch alarm by pressing the other flat button on the Apple Watch.

How to Easily Check What Alarm is Actively Set on Apple Watch

Aside from going into the Alarms app and looking at which alarms are active there, there’s another convenient way to easily see what alarms are set on Apple Watch.

When the Apple Watch is placed into Nightstand Mode (sideways on a charger), tap on the screen to see the clock and look for the “Alarm (time)” text directly under the main clock. Optionally you can use a knock on the nightstand to wake the Apple Watch screen and see the alarm that way too.

How to Delete Alarms on Apple Watch

  1. Open the Alarms app on Apple Watch
  2. Tap the alarm you want to delete
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the edit alarm list and tap on “Delete” to remove the alarm


You can delete alarms that were set by Siri or alarms that were added manually, removing the alarm is the same regardless of how it was added and set in the first place.



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