❤ Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro appear at FCC ahead of launch

Just hours after Google shared the date for its fall Pixel hardware event, two of the devices we’re expecting to see, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, have been filed for approval by the FCC.

On Wednesday afternoon, the FCC published paperwork filed by Google for the approval of five new devices with model numbers GKWS6, G9BQD, GZPF0, GPJ41, and G1MNW. Earlier this year, that same GKWS6 model appeared in a filing for the “Pixel 8” that revealed some wireless charging information.

The FCC e-label instructions in all five filings make mention of looking for “About phone” in Android settings. While Google should only be releasing two distinct models this fall, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, it’s normal for these phones to have multiple variants. For example, flagship Pixel phones are typically offered with and without mmWave 5G connectivity, and variants sold internationally are often also slightly different and still receive FCC approval.

To that end, the paperwork for GZPF0 says that it’s internally identical to G9BQD and GKWS6 except for the removal of mmWave connectivity. Meanwhile, the paperwork for GPJ41 makes direct reference to the same GKWS6 model. All four of these lack any mention of UWB connectivity, meaning they’re likely tied to the standard Pixel 8. Meanwhile, the odd model out, G1MNW, includes UWB, making it likely to be the Pixel 8 Pro.

Update 8/31: Overnight, two additional listings surfaced at the FCC for model numbers GC3VE and G39DP. According to the included paperwork, GC3VE is a variant of the Pixel 8 Pro with mmWave disabled, while G39DP is the non-US model of the Pixel 8 Pro.

This brings the total up to seven distinct models of Google’s latest Pixel flagships, four for the Pixel 8 and three for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Otherwise, these FCC listings for the Pixel 8 series reveal exactly what you’d expect from Google’s next phones, with full support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6E, and both Sub6 and mmWave 5G.



Pixel 8 connectivity (Image: FCC)



Pixel 8 Pro connectivity (Image: FCC)



These filings come just a few weeks after similar FCC listings for the Pixel Watch 2, which we also expect to be unveiled in October. Google also appears to be readying a new Fitbit tracker to be released in the near future, as we spotted recently.