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Apple Watch leather bands rumored to be discontinued as Series 9 launch nears

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors when it comes to iPhone and Apple Watch accessories recently, as Apple will be holding a special event next week to introduce new products. And while some rumors have claimed that the company will replace the iPhone’s leather cases with new ones made of a different material, it seems that something similar may happen with Apple Watch leather bands.

Apple Watch leather bands may disappear for good

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to “begin moving away from leather on its Apple Watch bands as well,” following a rumor that there will be no leather iPhone 15 cases made by Apple. More intriguingly, this could also put an end to the partnership between Apple and Hermès that began in 2015.







That’s because, according to Gurman, Apple has been offering discounts of up to 90% on Hermès leather bands to its employees. Typically, when Apple gives huge discounts on a product to its employees, it’s a sign that it might be going away soon – the company did the same with the original HomePod before discontinuing it in 2021.

Last week,  reported that some of the official Apple Watch leather bands – including Modern Buckle and Hermès models (which are all made of leather) are sold out on Apple’s website. The classic Link Bracelet, which was introduced with the original Apple Watch, is also no longer available.

There was some speculation on the internet last year about the Hermès Apple Watch bands being phased out (which didn’t happen). Apple usually introduces new colors for Apple Watch bands with the launch of a new generation of the product. However, given everything that’s going on, we might see a more radical change in this year’s accessories.

New FineWoven accessories

One of the reasons Apple may have decided to abandon leather for good is the environment, as the leather’s carbon footprint is considerably high. Since Apple has always positioned itself as an environmentally friendly company, it would make sense to stop making leather accessories.

At the same time, a lot of customers buy leather cases and bands because of their premium quality. So would Apple let these consumers down? Or will we see a new material for these accessories? Of course, Apple could introduce accessories made of synthetic leather, but it seems that the company is looking for other alternatives.





Last month, we heard from sources that Apple was going to introduce new iPhone cases made of another premium material to replace leather. Following this report, we saw images showing what would be Apple’s new “FineWoven” cases for the iPhone 15. If true, these new cases are made of a soft fabric material combined with regular silicone.

Will Apple introduce new “FineWoven” Apple Watch bands? We’ll find out the answer next Tuesday, September 12, when the company holds its special event to announce iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9.

Some of the Apple Watch bands are currently unavailable ahead of Series 9 launch





Apple this week confirmed that it will hold a special event on September 12. Although the company never reveals in advance what will be announced at the event, we all know at this point that Apple will introduce the iPhone 15 lineup and also the Apple Watch Series 9, along with a new Apple Watch Ultra. And to corroborate the upcoming arrival of new Apple Watches, some watch bands are currently unavailable on Apple’s website.

New Apple Watch bands coming soon

As noted by Parker Ortolani, all four versions of the Apple Watch Link Bracelet are now unavailable online in the United States. Confirmed that the Modern Buckle bands and some of the Hermès models are also sold out. While you can still find these watch bands in stock in some of the Apple Retail Stores, this may not last long.







Typically, Apple introduces new bands with the launch of a new Apple Watch – so that’s why some bands sell out before a new Apple Watch is announced. But in this case, there’s one thing to keep in mind.

What Apple usually does is introduce new colors for existing watch bands. When it comes to the Link Bracelet, which is made of stainless steel and is only available in silver and space black, the fact that it is now sold out suggests that the Link Bracelet could be discontinued for good – these watch bands have been available since the very first Apple Watch.

Another possibility is that Apple will replace the Link Bracelet with a new, more modern version (since the current version was still made with the 38/42mm Apple Watches in mind) or simply relaunch it in new shades of silver and black.

Apple Watch Series 9 rumors





According to the rumors, the Apple Watch Series 9 won’t exactly be an exciting update. The new model will have a faster chip, but that may be the only new feature of this year’s Apple Watch. Apple also plans to introduce a new Apple Watch Ultra with the same faster chip. Other than that, both models will keep the same design as the current versions.

Apple reportedly considered introducing a new watch band mechanism with the Apple Watch Series 9, but the company is said to have postponed this change for a redesigned Apple Watch coming next year.

As for current Apple Watch bands, you can still find the Link Bracelet for sale on Amazon – at least for now.

Select Apple Watch Series 9 models will be first Apple products made with 3D printing process

Apple has been rumored to be considering 3D printing as part of its product design process, and a new report details how and when that change will happen. Mark Gurman at Bloomberg reports that Apple will deploy its first use of 3D printing as a test run of sorts with certain models of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9.

Apple Inc. is testing the use of 3D printers to produce the steel chassis used by some of its upcoming smartwatches, according to people with knowledge of the matter, heralding a major change to how the company manufactures products.

The technique would obviate the need to cut large slabs of metal into the product’s shape. 

The move is intended to both increase the speed at which product assembly can occur while decreasing the amount of environmental impact, Gurman reports. The report goes on to detail the process known as binder jetting:

The print is made with a powdered substance, which afterward goes through a process called sintering. That uses heat and pressure to squeeze the material into what feels like traditional steel. The exact design and cutouts are then milled like in the previous process.

The report emphasizes that not all Apple Watch Series 9 models will be made using the new 3D printing process. Apple is expected to contain the test run to select stainless steel models, which make up a minority of the watch hardware.

Supply chain analyst Ming Chi Kuo highlighted various firms involved in the 3D printing effort in July. Kuo pointed to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 as being the first product to use 3D printed device components, but Gurman reports that the Ultra watch casing itself won’t adopt the process until next year at the earliest.

Apple will announce the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 at the iPhone 15 event scheduled for September 12. Apple officially announced the event date on Tuesday, although

The Bloomberg piece also mentions Apple’s plans to drop leather from its phone case in favor of a new material, as we’ve been covering. Read the full report on Apple’s test run with 3D printing from Bloomberg here.

Rumor: Apple Watch Series 9 to be available in new color option alongside black titanium Ultra





A new rumor today offers additional details about what to expect from this year’s updates to the Apple Watch lineup. For the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple is reportedly planning a new “pink” color option while the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will allegedly be available in a new black titanium color option.

The rumors come via ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, an account that has previously leaked accurate information about unreleased Apple devices.







The source corroborates previous reporting from Bloomberg and says that the Apple Watch Series 9 (and presumably the Apple Watch Ultra 2) will be powered by a new processor for the first time since the Apple Watch Series 6. Bloomberg has previously said that this processor will offer a notable boost in performance.

In addition to the existing midnight, starlight, silver, and (PRODUCT)RED color options, ShrimpApplePro also says that the Apple Watch Series 9 will be available in a new “pink” color option. Stainless steel color options will remain the same, including gold, graphite, and silver.

The Apple Watch Series 9 will also reportedly use smaller packaging this year, presumably as part of Apple’s efforts to continue being more environmentally conscious.

Over the weekend, Bloomberg reported that Apple tested a black titanium color for the Apple Watch Ultra last year, but scrapped those plans. Bloomberg suggested the black titanium color could resurface this year with the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, which ShrimpApplePro now echoes. “I can confirm this year we will have the black titanium this year along with the current standard titanium,” they posted on Twitter.







And finally, ShrimpApplePro also reports that there’s “at least one new iPad coming,” which they say is likely the iPad mini 7. Since its redesign in September 2021, the iPad mini hasn’t received any updates, and rumors about a future generation have been sparse.