❤ iOS 17: Here are the features that won’t be available at launch

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iOS 17 is set to be released in September with a number of new features, ranging from upgrades to Messages, major upgrades to autocorrect, and more. There are multiple new iOS 17 features, however, that Apple previewed at WWDC but says won’t be available until sometime later this year.

The new Journal app





According to Apple’s website, there are at least three features in iOS 17 that won’t be included when the initial update is released in September. First is the highly-anticipated Journal app. Using the Journal app, Apple says that iPhone users will have a new way to “appreciate life and preserve memories.”

might want to remember. The app will prompt you to journal based on things like photos, music, workouts, and more.

The new Journal app will be available “later this year,” according to Apple, and is not available in the iOS 17 beta.

Upgraded AirDrop features





iOS 17 includes a number of updates to AirDrop, including the ability to swap numbers using NameDrop and the ability to initiate sharing content just by bringing two devices close to each other.

At WWDC, Apple also touted a new feature for AirDrop that will finish sending transfers over the internet. This means that you can initiate an AirDrop, then move away from the other device, and the transfer will continue. “Content you share over AirDrop will continue to send securely and in full quality over the internet if you leave AirDrop range and both you and your recipient are signed in to iCloud,” Apple explains.

This new upgrade for AirDrop transfers, however, won’t be available until “later this year.” It’s not included in the iOS 17 beta.

Collaborative playlists in Apple Music





Last but not least, Apple Music is finally set to gain support for collaborative playlists with iOS 17 this year, but the wait’s not over just yet.

With iOS 17, Apple Music will let you invite friends to join a playlist. From there, everyone will be able to add to that playlist, reorder songs, remove songs, and use emoji to react to the songs shown in the Now Playing interface.

Support for creating collaborative playlists in Apple Music isn’t available in the first iOS 17. Apple says it will be available “later this year.”


Even though Apple isn’t currently planning on making these three features available in the first version of iOS 17 that launches in September, plans can always change. At the same time, it’s possible that features currently slated for inclusion in the first iOS 17 release could be delayed. After all, we’re only on the first iOS 17 beta, and Apple still has two months to respond to feedback, make changes, and update its timelines.