5 Risks of DO-IT-YOURSELF Screen Replacement

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Save some money or lose some more.

Why go to a repair shop or a manufacturer or the smartphone shop you bought the phone from? When you can do it yourself?

So you have to know if you are an enthusiast or a tech oriented individual. If you own a shop and you fix smartphones for a living, then this video is not for you. However, if you only do screen replacement once or twice a year, then watch out for the risk of DIYing a screen replacement.

sydney cbd repair centre buying the wrong part

Risk #1: You buy the wrong replacement part.

Think about it, the only places where you can buy these replacement parts is online shops or an actual repair shop that is willing to sell you one.

There will be a risk that you can buy the wrong part from a slightly different model. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android smartphone, you might end up with a half open smartphone that you fixed up in your kitchen counter because you can’t finish it because of a wrong part.

sydney cbd repair centre having no repair skills

Risk #2: You don’t have the right tools or the knowledge to use them.

If you’ve seen some of our videos, we have a lot of special tools specifically designed to perform an operation. Oftentimes, we create our own tools based on experience.

If you don’t have the right tools to do the job, then you can jeopardise the whole repair by giving your already damaged device more damage. It’s a risk that you have to think about. Remember that a smartphone screen is made up of glass. You still have to be very gentle with it and use non-metallic tools to pry your smartphone open.

sydney cbd repair centre smartphone complications

Risk #3: You can have complications while disassembling or reassembling the device.

You’ve watched videos on ifixit. you have the tools. You have the right part. But what if somewhere down your screen replacement operation, something came up that was not discussed in the repair video that you watched? What if your smartphone didn’t boot up when you tested it? What will you do?

Complications like these can happen if you don’t know the nuance of fixing a specific smartphone model. What is your smartphone chassis is bent? What will you do? What if you punctured your battery? These complications do happen, folks, so watch out.

sydney cbd repair centre damage other components

Risk #4: You can spend more if you damage other components.

Speaking of complications, one other risk is damage to other components. So you thought that you just have to remove the broken screen and you’re good to go? One wrong move and you can bend your smartphone’s housing. Hashtag, bendgate. You can puncture your battery if you’re not careful too. That’s why no metallic objects should be used when you interact with electrical or glass components of a smartphone. You can also leave scratches on the smartphone’s aluminum body.

Damaging other parts of the smartphone if you’re not careful is a risk.

sydney cbd repair centre no advanced techniques

Risk #5: You don’t know advanced troubleshooting techniques if the smartphone won’t boot up after your screen replacement.

We already discussed this. What if your smartphone required more troubleshooting after you successfully replaced the screen? Do you know how to deal with it? If you’re not sure, just let the pros do it.

Sometimes, when you drop your smartphone and whacked the front display, you can also dislodge some parts inside the smartphone. Or your smartphone just won’t accept the replacement screen. It’s like next level skills that you can only get from years of experience fixing smartphones.

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