❤ iOS 17 updates to Wallet, Health, and Wallpapers allegedly revealed in renders



Ahead of iOS 17 being announced at WWDC in June, rumors have suggested Apple is planning changes to the Wallet app, Health app, and the wallpaper picker interface. A new set of concepts from a source who claims to have seen iOS 17 themselves attempts to visualize what these app redesigns look like…

New app designs reportedly coming in iOS 17

Right off the bat, we’d treat this rumor with skepticism. The source of the leak is @analyst941 on Twitter, who does not have an established long-term track record of accurate iOS leaks. They did, however, correctly predict certain details of the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island ahead of its release.

The source claims to have seen various aspects of iOS 17 themselves, including the new Wallet app, the new Health app, and the revamped interface for customizing your iPhone’s wallpaper. With that knowledge, the source created a set of concepts visualizing what these new designs will look like.






The new Wallet app is said to feature an updated interface that offers search functionality and separated tabs for your cards and your other passes, such as airline boarding passes. iOS 17 will also reportedly add a bottom navigation bar to the Wallet app, with dedicated tabs for “Cash,” “Keys, “IDs,” and “Orders.”






Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has previously reported on Apple’s plans to overhaul the Wallet app with a new design and new features in iOS 17.

The new Health app will reportedly feature a revamped interface for the “Favorites” tab of the app. The new design will allegedly use smaller square-shaped tiles, allowing you to see additional metrics without having to scroll down the app.






Finally, Apple is also reportedly planning to overhaul the process of changing and customizing your iPhone’s wallpaper. The source says:

  • All new Grid-view displays 9+ wallpapers at once.
  • Delete wallpapers quickly within the grid view.
  • Rearrange the order of wallpapers in a grid view.
  • Share or duplicate wallpapers by swiping up in single-view.






The @analyst941 source shared these concepts on Twitter. Again, we’d treat the rumor with skepticism for now. Apple will officially unveil iOS 17 at WWDC in June, alongside updates to watchOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Report: iOS 17 sideloading features not coming to the US; Find My and Wallet app updates planned





Apple will announce its next round of software updates in less than two months, including iOS 17. We’ve heard scattered reports on what to expect from these updates, including the possibility that iOS 17 will include support for sideloading apps for the first time.

A report today, however, indicates that sideloading will only be available to iPhone users in Europe, not worldwide. iOS 17 will also reportedly include new features for Wallet and Find My.

iOS 17 sideloading features limited to the EU

The new rumors come from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who made the comments on a recent MacRumors podcast guest appearance. Bloomberg first reported on Apple’s plans to open the iPhone up to third-party app stores and sideloading back in December, saying the company was “dedicating a significant amount of resources” to the endeavor.

Apple is not enabling third-party app stores and sideloading because of a change of heart in its long-held belief that doing so will lead to security and privacy issues. Instead, it’s doing so purely to comply with looming regulations in the European Union, known as the Digital Markets Act.

As the move is being made purely in response to regulatory pressure in the European Union, Apple is doing the bare minimum to comply with those regulations. According to Gurman, this means iOS 17 sideloading will only be available in countries where the DMA is applicable – which only includes the EU.

Gurman believes Apple will implement sideloading in a way similar to what it did when it was forced to make App Store changes in response to an antitrust case in the Netherlands. In fact, Gurman suggested Apple may downplay iOS 17 sideloading to such a degree that it’s not even announced at WWDC:

I think it will be a Europe-only feature. I think that they’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot and expand this globally if they don’t have to.

If you remember, there was that change in the Netherlands around dating apps and the percentage there. And so you have to install a special profile, you have to go through some sort of hoops to do it, and it was very under the radar.

So I think they’re going to push more in that direction. I would be a bit surprised if they announced it at WWDC and made this a highlight consumer feature. I think they want to sort of downplay it as much as possible.

“They’re not gonna do anything extraneous that would further hurt their grip on the App Store,” Gurman continued. “There really going to stick to the letter of the law here.”

But still, the project has been a “major undertaking” inside Apple, Gurman said today. As he initially reported in December, the effort has required involvement from teams across the company, including legal, marketing, and the App Store team itself.

As for how Apple might implement sideloading in the European Union, Gurman speculates that the company will likely charge developers to be part of the program, and they will use some sort of configuration profile-based process. “There’ll be some sort of review process, even though these apps would be installed outside the App Store,” Gurman said.

Outside of the geo-limited sideloading features, Gurman also mentioned in today’s podcast appearance that iOS 17 will include changes to Find My and the Wallet. “I think you’ll see a bigger push on location and Find My-related changes,” he said. “In addition to Wallet and some user interface tweaks and enhancements there.”

As for the rumors about a redesigned Control Center in iOS 17, Gurman said he has nothing to share about that. It should be noted that the rumor of a redesigned Control Center comes from the same anonymous MacRumors source that Gurman recently questioned the reliability of on Twitter. “Many of the details I’ve seen from this account are not true,” he wrote in a post.






A report from the Wall Street Journal this morning also suggested Apple will launch a new journaling app as part of iOS 17 this year.